Health and Safety Training Increases

As Cleaning Scotland’s sales increase yet again and with the company’s commitment to the ISO 18001 accreditation (Occupational Health and Safety Management), the annual spend on training is increasing dramatically.

Cleaning Scotland’s commitment to ensuring health and safety is paramount:

  • Our number one priority is the safekeeping of all our staff, clients and customers by reducing the number of accidents in the workplace
  • We want meet our health and safety obligations and help to minimise risks
  • Enhanced reputation as a health and safety conscious organisation.
  • Reduce risk of potential litigation cases,
  • Create improved productivity of the workforce as potential for absenteeism and sickness is reduced.
  • By conducting rigorous risk and hazard assessments customers are reassured that services are delivered within legal requirements.
  • Peace of mind that staff are employed by a company that promotes health and safety in the workplace
  • Encourages the use of audits to measure the success of our ongoing efforts, to learn from these audits and implement an ongoing plan of improvement

Some of the practical undertakings that Cleaning Scotland performs on a regular basis

  • Health and safety induction
  • Maintenance of a site pack in every unit
  • Manual handling training
  • Regular testing of our disaster recovery plan including fire alarm test record
  • Accident/incident reporting
  • Toolbox talks
  • Risk assessments for all method statements and COSHH risk assessments
  • Annual DSE Risk Assessment Record

Other training in the company also continues including:

  • First aid
  • Team leading
  • Mental health issues
  • Level 2 principles of cleaning

Our commitment to health and safety continues